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about me

I'm just some guy, hosting some stuff.

No, i won't tell you what exactly.

Yes, i will tell you the software i use.

my system

OS: Void Linux x86_64

Kernel: 5.19.17

CPU: Intel i3-6100 (4) @ 3.700Ghz

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 530

Memory: 15892MiB

/: Crucial MX500: 1TB

/data: zpool-raidz1: 5x2TB

my software
calendar/contacts: radicale-3.1.8
cloud:             filebrowser-2.23.0
dns:               pihole-2022.10
fediverse:         akkoma-3.4.0
git:               gitea-1.17.3
music:             funkwhale-1.2.8
notes:             hedgedoc-1.9.6
registry:          registry-2.8
reverse proxy:     traefik-2.8
scrobbling:        maloja-2.14.6
temporary uploads: linx-server@ZizzyDizzyMC#3f50344
video:             jellyfin-10.8.5
website:           nginx-1.23.2

/Trackmania Nations Forever - Championship/

A friend and I created a game server and an accompanying telegram group, where track times are recorded and notifications released.

The entirety of this project uses Docker, but feel free to ask for advice if you want to setup a server on bare metal or a VM.

/Trackmania Nations Forever Server/

-- docker-tmserver

/Telegram Bot/

-- trackmania_nations_challenge_bot

-- docker-tmnationsbot

All credit for the work on XAseco goes to Xymph and the team at Nadeo.


-- XAseco


I keep the games i currently play and the ones i have finished in a neatly organized ascii table called my "List of Game".

It's separated in a TODO and a FINISHED section, named "List of Shame" and "List of Pride".

-- gamelog