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With my prior instance shutting down at the end of July 2020, i've decided to create my own.

Themed after the color schemes found in NieR:AutomatA, this will be my new home for days to come.

You can find my profile in the links section.

Otherwise, feel free to check out the main page and register if you feel like it.


-- social.fanyx.xyz

/Trackmania Nations Forever - Championship/

A friend and i created and are actively maintaining a game server and an accompanying telegram group, where track times are recorded and notifications released.

The entirety of this project is based on Docker technology and below are links to the created images and software used.

/Trackmania Nations Forever Server/

-- docker-tmserver

-- docker-xaseco

/Telegram Bot/

-- trackmania_nations_challenge_bot

-- docker-tmnationsbot

This would not have been possible without the work of Xymph, the creator of the server controller XAseco.


-- XAseco


Since Spotify is useless when all you would do is listen to your own acquired music anyways, i've setup my own audio server with Funkwhale.

I've used Gonic before but went back to Funkwhale after seeing that it supports a cmdline importer that can watch for filesystem changes.

This way i can upload my music to my Nextcloud instance and the importer picks it up automatically so i don't have to waste double the space for files.

The interface is easy to get in for people that have used Spotify or Google Music before. Just plain old web music player.

Another plus is the Subsonic API implementation, which lets you use any compatible app you want to listen to your music on the go.

I recommend using UltraSonic on Android and getting it via F-Droid, 'cause FOSS. Works like a charm.



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